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The Blockchain of Blame?

Blockchain for HR is already here, with growing utilization in manufacturing and across supply chains as an important component of traceability. But its usage for people data is largely relegated to finding fault when quality problems arise in those processes. In June, I attended the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam and spent two days talking with many different vendors servicing these industries. I found the use cases for people data on the blockchain to be more blame oriented (ok, “root cause” focused, if you prefer) than opportunity-based around better hiring, scheduling, education targeting, flexible payments and more.

Action is required to prevent the opportunities of blockchain for HR from becoming overshadowed by a “root cause” mindset. Active involvement of trailblazing leaders across HR and HCM will surface the true value of blockchain for gain, rather than for blame.

My thoughts, live from the Blockchain Expo floor:


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