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Blockchain and the Velocity Network @ HR Technology Conference

Bring up the concept of blockchain to a room full of people, and at least one person will ask, “What is it?” Someone else will probably say, “Isn’t that like bitcoin?” Because while the word blockchain is easily recognizable at this point, knowing what it does and how it works, it still isn’t readily understood.

Those in the know, who are building solutions that leverage blockchain get that it has the potential to change the way people and organizations interact entirely. That’s why there are already more than 100 companies just in HR exploring the use of blockchain, and while many are moving into early prototyping, few practitioners have yet to see the technology in action. Luckily, anyone interested will have the opportunity to do so this October at the annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition. During the event, I will present in two sessions about blockchain, self-sovereign identity and what all of this means for HR.

In my first session, “The Essentials of Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity: What HR Needs to Know and Do Now,” I will explore blockchain’s current role in the HCM landscape and how organizations envision using the technology. I’ll pull back the curtain on blockchain, showing how it can eliminate the need for HR to validate certain documents such as work experience, education, certificates and more, explaining, in the process, why the technology is seeing such significant investment from players of all sizes. I’ll also talk through how blockchain supports talent processes in new ways and share next steps for HR and technology leaders.

In the second, “How Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity are Reshaping Workforce Technology,” I’ll be hosting a panel of experts who will examine the future of HR through the blockchain lens. They’ll work to answer important questions like: What does this mean for individuals – students, employees and contractors, particularly in how they prepare for and seek new opportunities? Demonstrating how the technology is driving the development of self-sovereign identities, panelists will share their perspectives about the transformation and discuss how it is enabling new workforce processes.

Both sessions are scheduled for October 14, 2020. “The Essentials of Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity: What HR Needs to Know and Do Now” will take place at 11:00 a.m. PT. “How Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity are Reshaping Workforce Technology” will be held at 1:15 p.m. PT. More information about the HR Technology Conference is available at


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